These tips should never overrule or negate the manufacturers recommendations.

Car Air Conditioning

It can save you damage and costly repairs Running the air conditioner at least once a week for 10 minutes will maintain the gas pressure. It will keep the refrigerant oil circulating and maintain the rubber seals. 

So it’s good practice to use your air conditioner in winter to keep your windscreen free of fog which impairs your visibility, the air conditioner will not over ride your heater.

By keeping all car windows closed, even on the hottest days, the aerodynamics of the car remain at optimum, keeping fuel consumption low and exterior noise to a minimum.

You may not be aware that over 10% of air-con gas permeates from the air-con system every year, which means that it may not work as well as it should. 

This is why car manufacturers recommend your Air-Con system is recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years.

It is good practice to get a full air conditioning service at least every two years. Try and do this before the hotter month’s start, as this will ensure that you are not caught out by a sudden heat wave at the start of the season, allowing you to keep ahead of any system faults or potential compressor failure.  


The modern motor car needs regular servicing. We recommend servicing your car at least as recommended by the manufacturer. 

With all of the pollution requirements built into the modern motor car, if servicing is lacking carbon build-up is common.

We recommend you change your coolant every 12 to 18 months or as recommended by the manufacturer. We at Newman Auto Centre check your coolant as part of our minor service. 

Never use tap water in your cooling system! Watering down the coolant affects the boiling point of your cooling system liquid and could lead to your car overheating. Not to mention the potential for the impurities in the water building up and impacting on the inner workings of the cooling system.

If you notice your coolant level dropping be sure to get your system checked for leaks.

Make sure that you change your timing belt as recommended by the manufacturer. Broken timing belts can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your car.

Often overlooked is the auto transmission fluid (AFT), encourage your service centre to change the ATF as recommended by the manufacturer.